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• Cosmic M5 professional fragrance machine

• It creates nano odor particles smaller than 0,01 microns which are homogeneously distributed in the horizontal course and suspended in the air.

• Thanks to its powerful and silent fan system, it enables the nanoparticles to spread rapidly and evenly throughout the entire environment.

• Scenting capacity up to 1000 cubic meters.

• Wall mounted and desktop usage option

• It can be adjusted by distinguishing between weekdays and weekends.

• Option for programing different working and diffusion times.

* Blowing time between 10 seconds and 75 seconds.

* Waiting time between 3 minutes and 15 minutes.

• Unlimited Odor Option

• Dimensions: 13x16,5x25 cm

• Weight 1.6 kg

Wide area scent diffuser MI5

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