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Mulberry Innovations





Our customer orientated approach and “Can do” attitude has been infused into the business by Managing Director Osman Nidai. presenting customers with a solution as opposed to a problem is key.


Outstanding levels of service and support are valued by our clientele. Listening to their requirements and fulfilling their needs is paramount to Mulberrys’ continued success.
























Being “Lean” ensures that we remain competitive in a very demanding market.


Working with a number of manufacturers as well as our own factories, MI are able to offer and supply the best quality available for the price requested.



















Red tape is not part of our structure, which allows the team flexibility to bring on new lines and stocked within weeks (subject to moulds and location).



Our clients see MI as a strategic partner, rather than a supplier, working closely to achieve their specifications, criteria, price and timeline.



















Whether it be a 16oz Cotton Mop, a disposable Razor, bottles of Water or a guest amenities range……Mulberry Innovations has the solution for you!

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