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•  Easy and Practical Installation and Operation

•  Simple and Elegant Appearance

•  Fits 95% Majority of Toilet Seat Desings in the Market

•  Offers One Time Using for Each Usage

•  The Sanitary Wrap will stop after turning exactly one round and The used film roll is destroyed by a cutter to ensure one time use.

•  Offers 15 Seconds Stanby Time Consecutive Usage To Prevent Waste

•  Antistatic Nylon Film Rolls in Order Not to Stick to Skin

•  Nylon Film Rolls That Causes No Harm When Touches The Skin, turns Same lenght of roll for each time thanks to tour counter.

•  Each Roll has 80 pcs hygienic seats

•  Produced by High Quality ABS Raw Material

•  Easy to clean to save water and labor needed to keep the restrooms clean Offers 100 % of Hygiene Keeps the skin from direct contact with the toilet seat to prevent the cross infection of harmful bacterias and germs (E. Hepatit C, Coli, Shigella, Streptokok, Stafilokok) Brings full display of the cleanliness of the institute

Sensor Hygienic Seat Cover | MI R-1314

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